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    AM - Saving prototyped changes in an importable format...

    jnoake Rookie
      EM allows the export of policy settings to an .XML file, which can be subsequently imported into another configuration file.

      I want to do a similar thing in AM - to modify a TEST (local) config to prove a solution, and upon success, export all (and only) the changes to a file that can later be imported into our LIVE config when the appropriate 'Request For Change' process has been satisfied.

      I feel I have missed some simple fact that, no doubt, someone here will easily relate.

      AppSense Application Manager Console 8.8 SP1
      Build (
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          jnoake Rookie
          This is how it's done! ;

          •         From the config you want to create the snippet if you’ve got anything temporary in this config (elevations, Rule relaxations, etc.) you need to remove them or match them to what your destination config currently has otherwise they’ll be modified when you import.
          •         Press Crtl+Alt+D, you’ll see a Developer ribbon appear.
          •         Select Snippet Creator
          •         Don’t bother with the “Prepare Config”, all that does is delete all your work.  If you DO 'prepare config' the changes you make NOW are the ONLY changes to be saved. The idea of this is that when you start creating the snippet you should clean the config, it makes it difficult to test though. If you check the  'Add a 'dummy' rule for rule specific import' checkbox, it allows you to import the snippet from the dummy rule into a rule of your choice.
          •         Then Export will create your xml snippet. Open the exported XML file in something like Notepad++ to check if it is reasonable - has what you want but not stuff you don't.
          •         To import the saved rule, Open your destination config, go to any Rule then select 'User Rights->Websites'.  Right click, Import Snippet.
          o   This will append the content of the snippet to the destination. 

          Awesome, why is this not documented???