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    Customising the Update Manager restart/postpone message

      Any idea if it's possible to unbrand this message?

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          Its not possible.
          However I would like the fecking thing to stop popping up on logon. (Different popup to above)
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            Andrew Swindells SupportEmployee



            Firstly, allow me to introduce myself. I am the Product Manager responsible for the Management Centre, SCP, Performance Manager and the Xtraction data connector products. Prior to my move to PM I was an ITSM consultant so you may have come across me on the community before under that context.


            I appreciate this discussion is relatively old but I just wanted to provide an update from a Product Management perspective. We currently have a feature being planned around agent messaging, a requirement of which is to allow for the customising/configuring of the CCA messaging. These requirements are based upon customer raised feature request, so having seen this - admittedly old - discussion I thought it was worth adding some details.


            At this time, I am unable to commit to a date that this feature will be made available but I will be making regular updates both pre and post release so look out for them.