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    dataNowFolderUploads_ Folder

    JeffGonzalez Employee
      What is the function of this folder and the .tmp file stored in it?  What happens if a user deletes these hidden files from its directory?

      See attached images for examples.

      Need to provide a brief technical explanation to a potential buyer.  Buyer is PoCing DataNow version 3.5.151
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          BChriscoli Expert
          This folder is the temporary holding area for in-progress uploads.
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            qasima Employee
            Hi Jeff,

            That folder is used to store temporary files that the DataNow server creates. They are created for 2 reasons that I'm aware of, 1) permissions discovery and 2) temporary upload files.

            Permissions discovery is the mechanism the server uses to decide if user has read/write or read-only permissions by seeing if it can create a temporary file in this hidden directory, there is one created per user SID (note the latter part of filename). These files are perfectly normal and expected. If a file becomes out of date (more than 6 hours IIRC) then when another user that has delete permissions performs a folder listing, these temporary files are removed.

            Temporary upload files are used for both the normal uploads and resumable uploads, you will typically see files with .tmp, .part. .xml and/or .lock while files are being uploaded. Once the upload completes the files are renamed out of the temporary directory into the directory that the file was being uploaded to. If these files are left over (in the case of a cancelled upload or a resumable upload that hasn't been completed in 3 days), I believe they are cleaned up after 72 hours (again using similar mechanism to the permissions discovery files).

            Hope that helps!