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    Sharing Administrative Tasks

    JeffGonzalez Employee
      I've seen some reporting examples of the data elements that are fed to a syslog server.  I still have a few questions about the following.  I don't want to see report information about this.  Instead, a prospective buyer wants to know how to perform admin tasks on items that are being shared such as:

      Admin wants to see folders and files shared out by users

      Admin wants to administratively remove shared links to data

      Admin wants to determine what is currently being shared
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          JeffGonzalez Employee
          Here are the answer to these:

          Admin can go to the staging area share and see files that have been shared with others.  Folders are named with the people the DataNow users are sharing with.  If the Admin deletes the folder the ones you are sharing with will no longer see the shares that they were given access to.  see screenshot attached  You can use this to delete shares prior to the sharing expiration date that you have configured.

          Or you can feed the syslogs to Insight and view the Sharing Activity report.  (See screenshot attached)

          You can also see all the file that have been shared by viewing the Downloaded File Activity report.  (see attached screenshot)