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    Move data from Personalized Apps to Personalized App Groups with EmpAppsToGroups

    paul.whalley SupportEmployee
      Another great tool 'EmpAppsToGroups-v1.0' has just been made available to the AppSense Community via the new portal :


      Note - You will have to login to the Support Portal before clicking the above URL.

      AppSense recommends Personalizing applications in groups rather than by standalone executable. This is true even for applications that don’t (yet) have other applications identified as needing to share the same virtualized registry and file data.  However, there is no facility built into Environment Manager Console (as of 8.6) to move data for a Personalized application to an application group. EmpAppsToGroups is a tool developed by AppSense Professional Services (Many thanks to Greg Ford) to achieve this purpose. 

      More details are available on this tool via the Word Document included with the download.