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    LDAV Issues After Applying SP2 to 8.8

    scots Apprentice

      I applied SP2 to our 8.8 server this past Sunday.  I've put SP2 on only a handful of clients.  I'm having one person that I installed SP2 on his PC tell me that in the mornings his PC slows to a crawl, and when he looks in task manager he sees ScanningProcess.exe is taking up 40 to 50% of his CPU.  He said that someone else mentioned the same thing happening to her, but she hasn't said anything to me about it and I haven't asked her about it yet.  She also got SP2.


      I haven't noticed a daily thing like that on my PC, but I did notice an issue with my PC after the scheduled scan ran.  I have the scheduled scan set to run once per week on Wednesdays at 1:00am.  When I came in to work on Wednesday morning at 9:00am there was a message on my computer about the virtual memory being too low, and that Windows was increasing the size of my virtual memory paging file.  When I look in the Windows event viewer there's another message a few minutes later about System Restore being temporarily suspended due to not enough free disk space.  The message says that System Restore will automatically resume once 200MB of disk space becomes available.  When I check my disk space I have over 11GB of free space. It looks like the scheduled scan finished at 5:01am, so all that stuff happened on my PC while the scan was running.


      I also noticed in event viewer the same message over and over while the scheduled scan was running.  The messages say "An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk1\D during a paging operation."  These messages start at 3:26am, and the last one is at 5:01am which is when the scheduled scan ended.  The message doesn't appear at any other times.


      My PC is XP SP3, and the others are XP SP2.


      Anyone else notice any issues with LDAV after applying SP2?