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    AM Log Viewer

    richardk Apprentice
      Hi all,
      Whilst writing a workshop for support recently, it became apparent that we really don't have much in the way of tools to help with AM logs, so I decided to take a stab at creating one.
      It's been through a few revisions since I started in December, and I've still got some more stuff to add as and when I get time, but I've uploaded it in its current state for people to have a play:


      It has a range of sorting and filtering options to help you quickly find the logs relevant to a particular request - due to the size AM logs can reach, it stores very little in memory so does have to re-parse the file to looks for some things, but it will open a 1GB agent log in a couple of minutes on a reasonable machine. Requires .net 4.5, but everything else is embedded in the .exe.

      The download has the exe and a short doc explaining some things it can do - let me know if anyone finds it useful :)

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