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    Management Center -> Managed Computers Firewall Ports

    AnorakSmith Rookie
      I've deployed an Appsense DesktopNow Management Server, and our endpoint devices are behind a firewall. I've not found any reference to firewall ports in the product documentation, is anyone able to confirm which ports are required to deploy agents and EM/AM configurations from the Management Server to managed computers?

      The only article I've found which appears to be relevant is the following, although it's 4 years old;


      Initially, when the connection from the management server to the test endpoint computer failed, I read that blog post and suspected I'd only require BITS over HTTP (TCP port 80), but my firewall engineer is only seeing ICMP, TCP 135,139,445 and UDP 137 being blocked, with no sign of port 80 (or 443), so I guess that port 80 may be required once the initial comms has been made. Ideally, I'd like to cover all the ports required in one firewall change request as the turnaround for each change is a couple of days.

      Thanks in advance, and any advice would be greatly appreciated.