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    V10 upgrade


      Has anyone attempted an upgrade from 8.7 to V10?  If so how was it?!  I'm holding off the PS upgrade for a bit but am keen to get MC and AM up as there is some functionality I'd like to use ASAP...
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          Landon Winburn ITSMMVPGroup
          Just make sure you have a good SQL backup and snapshot your servers prior. Also make sure you have no beta agents in your packages. Especially Insight agents.

          Are these servers dual role AMC/EMPS? Honestly I haven't tested upgrading one part on a dual role server and don't know how the new Server Configuration Portal will handle that. Might have to go do that right now... :)
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            Landon Winburn ITSMMVPGroup
            Yup, looks like having both the old SCU and the new SCP on the same box works.
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              These are pure MC servers, they're load balanced so that usually results in having to re-apply permissions on the services as they get removed by the upgrade.  Not much of a big deal having the MC down for a bit so I'll go for...

              Shutdown both MC servers
              Snapshot both MC servers
              Backup DB
              Start back up
              Stop services on both
              Upgrade #1
              Check it's working okay
              Upgrade #2