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    Microsoft Edge personalization

      I'm really trying to make Edge our default browser on Windows 10, but the lack of personalization options is frustrating.

      First of all, there is still no way in EMv10 to do proper app personalization with Store Apps, right?

      So using Windows personalization, since favorites are now stored in an ESE database, I've tried to roam the spartan.edb file along with the icons directory:



      But no dice - in fact now I can't even import favorites. Anyone get this working? Some other settings (search provider etc) would be nice too.
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          amote Rookie
          Hey dude! I am trying to do the exact same thing! Let me share some of the progress I have made.

          #EM Auto Generated Start
          #This code was automatically inserted and should NOT be modified
          import-module ((Get-ItemProperty 'HKLM:\SOFTWARE\AppSense\Environment Manager').ClientPath + 'EmCmdlet.dll')
          #EM Auto Generated End
          #Define Default Action Preferences
              $Global:DebugPreference = 'SilentlyContinue'
              $Global:ErrorActionPreference = 'Continue'
              $Global:VerbosePreference = 'SilentlyContinue'
              $Global:WarningPreference = 'Continue'
              $Global:ConfirmPreference = 'None'
          #Set Path Variables
           $LogFile = "$($Env:Temp)\AppSense_EMSV_WindowsApps.log"
          #Start logging script output
              (Start-Transcript -Path $LogFile -Force)
          #Get all installed Windows Apps for the current user
           $WindowsApps = Get-AppxPackage -User "$Env:UserName" | Select-Object -Property Name, PackageFamilyName, PublisherID, @{Name="PackageDataPath";Expression={"$Env:LocalAppData\Packages\$($_.PackageFamilyName)"}}
          #Create an EM Session Variable for each Windows App with its application data path 
           ForEach ($WindowsApp In $WindowsApps)
                   $WindowsApp_SessionVariableName = "$($WindowsApp.Name.Replace('.',''))PackageDataPath"
                   $WindowsApp_SessionVariableValue = $WindowsApp.PackageDataPath
                   Set-SessionVariable -Name $WindowsApp_SessionVariableName -Value $WindowsApp_SessionVariableValue
                   If ($? -eq $True)
                           Write-Verbose "Action Succeeded: 'Set-SessionVariable' with SessionVariableName of `'$($WindowsApp_SessionVariableName)`' and SessionVariableValue of `'$($WindowsApp_SessionVariableValue)`'" -Verbose
                           Write-Error -Message "Action Failed: 'Set-SessionVariable' with SessionVariableName of `'$($WindowsApp_SessionVariableName)`' and SessionVariableValue of `'$($WindowsApp_SessionVariableValue)`'"
               Write-Host "$WindowsApp_SessionVariableName = $(Get-SessionVariable -Name $WindowsApp_SessionVariableName)"         
          #Stop logging script output

          My goal here was to create session variables with the configuration data locations of the Windows Store Apps for the current user. I was then going to use the variables in Personalization server to grab whatever data I needed.

          The code gathers the information properly, but does not create the session variables when run during an AppSense EM action. But the session variables do get created when run manually.

          Anyways, falling back to a more manual process, I have used the following options to roam Microsoft Edge with no success thus far.



          For whatever reason, I get no succcessful roaming of settings or application data. I get the feeling AppSense is working hard on this, however, I am have an issue with Microsoft coming up with a new app platform and making persisting settings next to impossible. Secondly, using databases?!!!! Lets try and put our heads together on this.
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            amote Rookie
            Okay, after finding some new directions to take, I think I have a solid way of roaming Microsoft Edge settings using AppSense Environment Manager. I have attached the template. After a quick test, many settings (But not all) were roaming successfully. I think it is just a matter of finding which files, registry keys hold these settings. For example, the theme did not roam (Light, Dark). Also, the favorites bar acts a little weird. I do think this is a step in the right direction. I hope this helps somebody!

            Have a great day and God bless!
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              Rick.Smith1 Specialist



              Took a look at your XML file. How are you using this? Are you creating a dummy process you are using to sync up and down? I've never seen an application personalization without a process specified, so not sure if you were just using a dummy process or if you were doing it using a method I wasn't aware of.





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                paul.whalley SupportEmployee

                It looks like this XML uses the managed folder option (any exe's within the folder are 'personalized')