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    Start/Stop Clock settings


      Hi Community,


      On our Incident process, we currently have a start. stop clock on a few actions.


      The start/stop automatic actions inside the circle were configured by a Landesk consultant which are working correctly ("Breaches in" field stops counting and recommences counting where it last finished)




      When we currently resolve a ticket, the "breaches in" does not stop counting (If I do unresolved after 30 min, the breaches in will count those 30 min where ticket was in the "resolved" status)


      I decided to place automatic start/stop clock actions on the Resolved/Closed statuses with the objective to stop the clock on these statuses (blue boxes), however, the "breached in" continues to count.


      I am missing any configuration similar to already placed "start/stop" clock?


      Any further questions please let me know.


      Best Regards,


      Ricardo Almeida