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    Workspace page not updated after upgrade from 2016 to 2016.3

    CarlosHamatsu4 Rookie

      Hi all


      I have a Service Desk 2016 with OOTB database, that is, with no customization. I just upgraded it to 2016.3 version and I updated framework in Configuration Center, and everything looks working fine, else workspace interface.


      Workspace presents the same old user interface, and it does not have the new new analyst workspace options like Noticeboard, Incident, Request, etc. Just the Home Dashboard is present.

      Also, we don´t have the option on the top of the page (Get Support, Ask a Question, etc.). Also, I did a test deleting the existing BridgeIT application, and created a new one, but I have the same results.


      I did another test and create a Service Desk instance using the 2016.3 OOTB database, that is, using the same Service Desk server and pointing to native 2016.3 database. In this case, Workspace works as expected, showing all Analyst options and the options on the top. Below I put screenshot for both situation.


      Here the updated instance Workspace page:


      Here the "native" instance Workspace page: