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    how to link survey with the incident?




      How to link the survey filled with the Incident?


      Below is the survey part of the incident process that I have created.



      NOTIFICATION TO CUSTOMER will contain the survey link, on clicking it the survey window will open in Landesk Service Desk


      when I click on Save I get the following error:


      Also the survey is not linked to the Incident.


      I wanted that when the end user fills the survey and clicks on SAVE, the survey must get attached to the Incident.


      How can I achieve this?

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          Motaz ITSMMVPGroup



          I believe we discussed this on another post. Now I am assuming that the Incident Survey Collection is on the incident window. What you need to do is that to ensure that the Incident Survey business object has a default query. If it doesn't, Build a new one from the Query and Report designer and then go to the Object Designer, Highlight the Incident Survey business object and from its properties, Select your newly created query as a default query.