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    Report on OEM OS License sold with a system


      Is it possible to pull the OEM license version from the BIOS and report on it? We are trying to determine what systems in our fleet were sold to us with Win7, Win8, and Win10 OEM OS License.


      We are using HP systems. I see lots of info on trying to pull the CD Key, but we don't need the key, just the OS that the system can legally run.

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          So - that depends on how you can query the BIOS.


          If you've got a UEFI system, you may get to that information from WMI potentially / from the OS (the hardware vendor may have tools to let you access / script / query such stuff). In which case, it'd be a simple case of turning that into custom data to be reported back (or even a custom vulnerability if you so want) .


          If you've got an older BIOS, the question is going to be whether it's actually something that the hardware vendor stores in DMI in the first place. I'm attaching an (OLD) white paper on how to add custom data from DMI (but DMI is quite a bit of a faff / mess) ... not sure if it still works, I've not had to touch that stuff in 10 years odd.




          By and large your question is answered with a "it depends on whether the hardware vendor lets you query / access that data" ... if "yes" (by script / binary / means fair or foul) then it's not a big deal to turn that into custom data to feed back to your Core server. If it's in WMI (I recommend checking with 2 WMI browsers, as I've seen inconsistencies), then you need to watch out because WMI data-path structures CAN / DO change between OS'es (because it'd be far too convenient to keep things symmetrical)...


          Hope that helps.