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    Reporting machines without a specific software package on them


      We have a division with 320 nodes. Each is supposed to have a specific software package installed. My software report shows 302 instances of the software in this scope.


      I figured I would be able to run a report that had a query that looked for machines where software application + not exist + specific software package would return the machines in that scope that don't have an occurance of that software package.


      When I run it, I get no machines returned yet I know there are 18 of them that LANDesk sees that do not have the software installed.


      I've double-checked the scope in my report and believe everything else is correct as when I update the query and change the logic from "not exist" to "exist" it lists the 302 machines that have the software.


      I tried using "not like" also but had similar results. I'm also selecting the software package from the list instead of using user input to make sure I'm not typo'ing something.


      Any thoughts would be appreciated!