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    linked dashboard

    marc.see Apprentice

      I was wondering if anyone knew how to use this:


      There's no write up on the User Guide. I don't see anything in the community either. Maybe some examples?

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          cjensen SupportEmployee

          Hi marc.see,


          The linked dashboard tab allows you to link a component in a new dashboard to an existing dashboard. For example, if you have a dashboard that shows 5 windows, 1 for each priority, you can have a link on each window that takes them to a specific dashboard for each priority.


          I hope this helps.




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            bmagurn Apprentice

            Ok, I just linked some dashboards to figure out how to use this.


            On the "Linked Dashboard" tab, just right click and choose "add link"

            That will allow you to browse to an existing dashboard.

            Once you do that, you get a link icon in the upper right of your dashboard.


            That allows you to jump into the linked dashboard.

            Once in the linked dashboard, you can use the link icon to jump back tho the original dashboard.

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              marc.see Apprentice

              Thanks guys! I thought the functionality is more to that. Oh well.