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    Can't Translate Statuses

    khaledelbornou Apprentice

      Hi All,


      I'm Translating our system right now to have another language. I translated widows, queries, actions and everything however, I not able translate statuses. I tried to translate statuses by right click status after deactivate the process and then go to localise but unfortunately its disabled and does not allow me to translate to any language, in addition I tried to go to business objects in processes then expand the business object then status > properties but the same appear here as its disabled and disallow me to add any language. I have attached the screenshot shows the same.


      By knowing, Im using Landesk service desk version 2016.2

      Your support is appreciated

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          I replicate this issue in 2016.3. My suggestion is could you raise a case with Landesk support so a support engineer will help if this can be done.

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            Were You able to translate the statuses? If so, could you provide me with instructions to do so?

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              andreas.lindner Expert

              Hi khaledelbornou,


              that is a known issue at the moment, that you cannot click on "Localized titles". But there are two other options and one will work 100%:

              1. If you access your Process Designer, you can open the "Business Objects" there. Click through to the status and access the properties there (see screenshot below). If that will not work, option number 2 will definitely work.


              2. You can export all localized title to a XML Spreadsheet 2003. You just need to access your WebDesk (not BridgeIt) as an administrator or SA, click on "System Preferences" and on the bottom click on Export.

              You will get the spreadsheet containing most of the objects present in your system. Look for the rows containing all status, you can delete all other rows if you like. Just don't delete columns!

              If you're ready, save your spreadsheet as XML Spreadsheet 2003 (if you answered the popup questions from Excel at the start with "Yes" and after clicking on Save, you should be good). You can import the translations in the same spot in your WebDesk.

              This should be the 100% solution :-)





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                John Haddad Expert

                why this still the same in 2017.3 ??

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                  andreas.lindner Expert

                  As far as I know, yes. Only if a status is not in use, you can modify the localized titles using the console.

                  Anyways I'd still recommend to use the Excel sheet, as described above.