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    CSA network configuration.

    jhedelin Apprentice

      I have Landesk CSA 4.3 installed in my wmware enviroment.

      In vmware i have two networkcards installed to my virtual machine (ldcsa43)


      One network card is on VLAN for outside communication.

      One network card is on VLAN for management.


      In CSA console i can see two network cards eth3 and eth4.

      I have assign them IP, mask and gateway.

      The problem is that i can PING both network cards ip addresses.

      I shouldnt be able to ping the outside networkcard from my management network.

      Even if the two networkcards in vmware are on diffrent VLANs i can still ping both IP addresses, its like CSA are allowing communcation between eth3 and eth4 ?


      Have i missed some configuration?


      Regards JOhan

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          JonnyB SupportEmployee

          if you can ping it, its a network issue. That means your management network has a route to the other ip. do a tracert and show that to your network guy. Also you only want  to have one default gateway setup. BUT if you can ping it, it would be better to just use one NIC instead of two. its easier to manage and troubleshoot

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            jhedelin Apprentice

            No, its not a network issue, we have windows servers with the same configuration and you cant ping the external VLAN from the Management VLAN. It must be something with the CSA network configuration.