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    OS prov - Create Partitions


      My first task in my template for OS prov:

      Pre-OS installation

      -Create Default Partitions

         Action Type: Create default partition

         Disk: 0


      During that action the task formats the drive but then fails at creating the partition.


      Any ideas?   I am using  LANDesk 2016

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          jaysmith SupportEmployee

          I would put a Wait action into your template after the Create Default Partitions action.  This will pause provisioning.  Open a new console and go to x:\ldprovision.  You will see a PartitionHandler.log file which should show the error and may give you some insight. 


          You will also see a diskpart.txt which enumerates the actions taken during the partitioning step.  You can run diskpart in the cmd window and duplicate those steps, looking for the failure and the reason for the failure. 

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            Peter Massa Expert

            This action typically only fails when a required drive letter is already in use.  For this one the two would be:

            C: and S:


            So make sure you are not mapping a share to S: and if there are multiple drives on the system, be sure to format them all - or atleast unmount any system drives which automap to S: in winpe.


            jaysmith's answer is correct in the steps to diagnose - please follow what he said and post the results back here.



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              I removed the "Create Default Partition" task and then the image was able to deploy