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    How do I force a re-install of an APK on an Android Device?

    Matt Dermody SSMMVPGroup

      I have two scenarios where I would like to be able to force an APK update to a device.


      1) An updated version of an APK has been released, but the actual APK version has not been incremented.

      2) An existing APK deployment has become corrupted in some way and I need to force a reinstall.


      Is there any way to do this in Avalanche 6.1 SP2? I have a sinking feeling that this is not possible. I understand that Android is not going to allow a direct installation of the exact same APK package name and version on a device, but I don't understand why the Enabler, as a Device Administrator, can't first uninstall the application and then reinstall it. Avalanche supports a "Force Package Synchronization" functionality for the legacy WinMo/CE devices so I'm surprised their isn't anything comparable for Android devices.