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    Client Connectivity - Agent Setting

    jhedelin Apprentice

      Hi, we have just installed LANDESK CSA and configured our Core server with CSA settings (Configure - Manage Cloud Services Appliances)

      Our default Client Connectivity Agent Settings does NOT have any CSA configuration.


      I have created i new Client Connectivity Agent Setting with CSA config.


      But when i start C:\Program Files (x86)\LANDesk\LDClient\BrokerConfig.exe on a client machine, the CSA information is there, even if i didnt distributed the new Client Connectivity settings with CSA info.


      Is this by design? Or have i missed something in my configuration?

      The setting "Dynamically determinte connection route" is cheked,  so it should not be a problem as the client will try to connect to the core server before my CSA server.



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          Casity.chris SupportEmployee

          The client gets the CSA information in one of three ways:


          1. The broker certificate on the client. It will check for the certificate first and, if it exists, uses the CSA information that the certificate contains.

          2. The broker.conf.xml on the client under the broker folder. This XML is updated according to your agentbehavior xml's (agent settings).

          3. The .0 certificates also contain the CSA information. When the .0 certificates are updated on the core server, the clients will automatically pull down the updated certificate when they run a security scan.


          The third is likely what is happening for you. With that being said, this is working as designed. You are correct in the fact that it will search for your core server before trying to connect to the CSA however, if it does not have a broker certificate it will not connect to the CSA.


          I hope this helps.

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