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    Removal of a collection line - With action


      Hello Community,


      I am trying to come up with a way to delete/remove a line from a collection that i have created.


      If selecting "add purchase request line", i am prompted with a new window with 3 fields, where, once filed out and saved, appear on the bottom tab collection "Add purchase request collection".


      My objective would be able to detach/remove/delete the line that i have inserted, however i am having difficulties in doing so. On our "add attachment" action, if a user deletes the values of the fields he has filled out and selects save, the line disappears.


      If i do the same on "Add Purchase request line" action, the collection line will remain, but with no values inserted.


      Any ideas?


      Thanks in advance


      Ricardo Almeida



      Delete PR.pngdelete pr 2.png

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          dmshimself ITSMMVPGroup

          In general you cannot delete items from a collection in WebDesk.  For your attachments, I'm guessing, but I think the item is still there. The query/filter being used to display those might have a criteria on it to not display if the attributes are empty.  If so, you could do the same trick with your other collection.  Have a checkbox called (say) deleted, which the query uses to not display items where that checkbox is set.


          In Console you can delete items from a collection, but that isn't going to be too much use for your general population of users.


          The ability to delete items more cleanly would be a very welcome addition to the product.

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            Thanks dmshimself,


            Would it be possible to guide me on how i can add that criteria (how do i apply the criteria if i want all values from the attributes to dissapear/de-attached)?


            My attributes being used are:






            pr line 2.png


            Best Regards,


            Ricardo Almeida

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              dmshimself ITSMMVPGroup

              Just like adding any other criteria really.  Let's say you only wanted to display items where the quantity was >0 i.e. setting it to 0 was your trick for making it disappear.  Add quantity >0 to the criteria should do that

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                Hi dmshimself,


                Thanks for the feedback. Apologies as I didnt respond yesterday but i found a way to do this (not sure if is correct but give the same result)


                For each of the attributes that i have on the collection, i placed the criteria "Is not null".


                If i remove the values, the line dissapears


                not sure if i can use also this solution?


                Best Regards,


                Ricardo Almeida