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    Errors trying to provision using a 64-bit wim in UEFI mode


      We're getting errors when trying to provision using the 64-bit wim. We have verified that necessary network and storage drivers are added or made available to the winpe. The first pop-up error we're getting is:

      residentagent_x64.exe - Application Error


      The next error we get is:

      miniscan_x64.exe - Application Error:


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          Peter Massa Expert

          The first step that I would do is copy the boot_x64.wim from your core server to the pxe rep and try again to make sure it has the same version of file as the core.  You can also just re-deploy the pxe rep via task to this host and it will do this for you.


          My question would be - at what step is this occurring?

          1. During initialization of winpe before the credential login screen appears.

          2. After selecting a template and clicking start

          3. After a specific action in the template while in winpe.


          Second question - do you make any customizations to your boot.wim files (excluding adding drivers)?


          Third question - does this occur on different hardware or is it specific to this one model?




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            Thank-you for the reply. Here's some more info:


            We're not using a PXE rep, rather we're using Windows Deployment Services. I know what you're going to say "this isn't supported by Landesk", but this was working until we upgraded to the 2016.3 release. Furthermore, we still have our old MDT wim that works fine with UEFI-enabled devices. Right now i'm not convinced it's our WDS environment.


            We have not made any additional changes to our Landesk wim and we have even restored the default wim that ships with Landesk.


            It's only happening on machines that are pxe booting that have uefi enabled. It's throwing the errors during the wpeinit step before the credentials login screen appear. I have opened another console and checked basic networking which it seems to have so it should be able to get out to our core since I can ping it. It doesn't even get to the templates since we cannot get the user logon screen.


            We currently have a Landesk Product Support Engineer looking into our wim. We actually just FTP'd it up to Landesk yesterday and they have been working on it today. When I hear back I will share any knowledge that I can. Of-course, we're the only ones having this issue .


            We're a Dell shop and have tried it on a handful of Latitude models along with a Surface Pro 2. Each models are having the same issues. If we change the BIOS back to legacy and boot from the same wim it works - so i'm not sure what the deal is.

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              phoffmann SupportEmployee

              I wouldn't worry too much about your use of MDT.


              Yeah, it's "sub-optimal" (since we're not aware of its existence, so to speak), and you end up having to micro-manage things on your end, but if you're happy with that, go for it. "If the right WIM goes down" (which I'm assuming here), then it should be fine ... and your problem should be specific to something with the WIM (and/or a driver / your hardware possibly).


              So yeah - it's not supported (no surprise there), but that's not where you're running into issues. It's odd, but shouldn't be overly relevant to the problem you're running into here I think .

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                Ended up just using the PXE rep and it works as expected. Maybe it's something related to a UNDI driver since the same WIM works fine when pxe booting in legacy mode, just not in UEFI mode.