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    Load Report Failed

    AM06160 Apprentice



      A quick question.  We recently upgraded to LANDesk 2016.2 from version 7.8 and installed Crystal 13 that we were supplied from support. 


      There have been several reports added to console since I started here.  All existing reports can run no problem from any PC as any user.  When I add a new report and run as sa from the server it runs perfectly.  I tested running new reports logged in as my own user account from a virtual PC running Windows 10 and these also ran successfully.  However, a different user is getting a 'Load Report Failed' error for these same reports.   I was seeing this error initially too when adding the report from my local machine rather than from the server.  After I added the reports from the server I was able to run them from other machines.


      Any ideas where I am going wrong here?  The report isn't currently open anywhere else.