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    DanJones Apprentice

      I have installed Kbot in our development environment, I really like the idea of answers being automatically send back to the end user based on the initial enquiry.

      Currently I only have 2 knowledge articles in my Dev environment and have set up Kbot as described in the accompanying document.

      I am however having issues with the results it is giving, I can type in ANY question via email and each time the same two knowledge results are sent back


      For Example:



      However when searching against the knowledgebase manually


      'Bla' returns:


      And 'Peter' returns the results expected:


      Has anyone had any experience with KBot that could point out where I may have gone wrong?

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          michael.odriscoll SupportEmployee

          Hi Dan,


          Thanks for posting this question to the Community.


          Were you bale to find any more information on this issue? Please share anything you deem useful, you might help people with a similar issue.



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            psythian Apprentice

            I to have installed KBOT for testing, and I am seeing the same results. Can the Dev who created it speak up on what we should do next? I remember this was on the Keynote at Interchange and yet there is almost NO documentation on it outside of the build document.

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              DanJones Apprentice

              I am still seeing the same issues, I have moved on to something else until I get some useful feedback.

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                psythian Apprentice

                Yep same here, another good process shelved due to lack of follow thru documentation. I think I have 2-3 of them now.

                I will be making calls to see if anything can be done, but it seems to fall on deaf ears.

                Maybe we all should raise an ER to supply documentation PRIOR to releasing something. I guess since KBot has been out a while no-one is using it, just surprised since it was demonstrated on the big stage at Interchange...

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                  Darren.Bradshaw Expert

                  Yep same here, whatever question is asked I always get the same answers????


                  Has anyone got this working correctly?

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                    Darren.Bradshaw Expert

                    I have been looking into this and found that if you run through the process in webdesk you do get some different results than if you e-mail the question in.


                    I had a look at all the answers it returned when you e-mailed KBOT and noticed that all the articles and documents didn’t have a knowledge domain set.  Once you set the knowledge domain for an article / document then it did not appear on the next answer.


                    I made sure that all articles and documents had a domain and on the next question there was no answers.  I removed the domain for one article.  The answer for the next question was that article.


                    I then set around 20 articles with no domain category set, then e-mailed in a question which an article should be able to answer, and I got 1 result, and it was the correct result.  I then  e-mailed in a second question which I knew there was no correct answer, and it returned 1 answer again, which was the closet match.


                    Just wondering if anyone else has found this?


                    On Page 16 of the content pack pdf it states that

                    “Knowledge Publishing is not supported for the background, so all knowledge articles and documents are included in the search for the user”.  Not sure this is exactly true!!


                    • What implications would there be if there is a group of articles without a domain set?


                    • Would these be searchable via a normal knowledge for everyone?


                    • Is anyone out actually using this?


                    • Has anyone developed anything else like this around knowledge or even a Knowledge Chat Bot?


                    We are looking into how we can start utilising this module in order to help end users help themselves.


                    More work is required to find a solution around this before it can be put into a production environment, yet again close but not close enough!