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    Add Task to Change Management

    JKoslowski Apprentice

      I'm struggling to get my optional "Add Task" to run properly in my Change Management module.  I can't seem to link it correctly so that it properly assigns the Change Task object to the group and analyst.


      Here is the Incident task process that I'm trying to replicate



      Here is the Change Task process and the "Task -> Analyst" option isn't even through for the Assignment



      In the "Add Reminder" I have the "Task -> Analyst" Option but I can't select it



      Thoughts on what I'm missing?  I've attempted making a one to one relationship from the System.User.EndUser.Analyst and System.Group.SupportGroup to ProcessManagement.Process.ChangeTask with no luck.

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          John Stuart-Robson Employee



          Firstly, On your Task object, did you create a new relationship from Analyst to Task?  You will not be able to insert a value from Analyst (In object designer check the related object value on the Analyst attribute in Task) into User.  The value types need to match.  You should use User to User.  This applies to your Reminder also. 


          You will then need to apply a filter to the User attribute to only show the user type of analyst.


          What might add to the confusion is, unless you have renamed it.  The relationship from Task on Task Assignment has a title of Change. This might confuse people to think they are accessing the change object rather than the task object.  To ease the confusion, suggest you rename the attribute to Task.


          Thanks and Good luck.



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            JKoslowski Apprentice

            Thank you so much for your reply.  I have noticed that when I create the relationship it shows up as "Analyst" being the related business object instead of "User" like it shows in the "Task Incident" object.  It looks like the title of my task object is "Change Task" under Process Management -> Process.  So its good to know that I'm on the right path but i'm still failing to create the relationship correctly.


            So my question is, what am I doing wrong in creating this relationship from Analyst to Task that its showing up as the wrong related object?  Or just start with how do I create the relationship cause i'm obviously not doing it correctly.

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              John Stuart-Robson Employee

              Create a relationship of User to Task.  You should then be able to value type into the user on Task Assignment.  Analyst won't work as doesn't match the object class.


              Hope that helps



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                JKoslowski Apprentice

                Progress.  I was able to link these and it looks just like the Incident task but the Runtime value looks different and it doesn't seem to be assigning it to the user that is selected.