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    usr_incidentduration - Information regarding data


      Hi Community,


      I am currently seeking a way to collect or construct a report or information were we can see the resolution times (First assignment, full time resolution, etc..) taking into account the support hours configured and non weekends.


      I have taken the below information from the table im_incident_resolution



      Is anybody aware what takes into account the "usr_incidentduration" row?


      The "usr_timetakentoresolve" gives us the full duration (from created up until the incident is resolved) (This is ok)


      The "usr_incidentduration" gives us 40H 53M 6S. I have summed up the hours from when the ticket was assigned (Removed the "with customer" hours which have a stopclock & removed the non support hours) and i get 33.6H.


      Is anybody aware what extra hours are being added to this table?


      Best Regards,


      Ricardo Almeida