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    LANDesk Service Desk with Okta

    erik.marple Expert

      I have a case open with support and they've stated there is nothing documented as far as integrating LDSD with Okta authentication, but that they use it internally. While still waiting to hear more, I'd like to know if any of you have successfully integrated LDSD with Okta and how that looks. This is going to be a requirement for all apps in our organization soon, so if LDSD isn't capable of doing it without a massive amount of custom work, then it'll be a big mark against staying with this aging product for us


      Does anyone have authentication into LDSD using Okta working? If so, what did it take for you to get it running? How well does it work? What hurdles did you come across?

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          erik.marple Expert

          Ultimately the answer turned out to be that the product does not support this out of the box. LANDesk themselves use it, but it sounds like it's through the browser plugins and may not work with integrated login like we need it to. Also it would require consultant time to configure it because they have no documentation available to customers for setting it up. Disappointing but not unexpected.


          There are lots of other service desk apps that have full SAML integration, including provisioning users, so hopefully this is on LANDesk's radar for the near future.