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    Portal Manager long term support?

    john.kirkland Rookie

      Our institution is getting ready to implement either Landesk Workspace or Portal Manager to allow end users to install pre-approved software packages. We are currently on 9.6 and might consider moving to LD2016 in the near future. We are leaning more towards using Portal Manager because the default interface lists the available software package (easiest for users, little navigation, everything is right there).  My question is, what is the long term support for Portal Manager? Will it be phased out in favor of Workspace at some point?  I don't want to get our users used to Portal Manager, then have to switch to something that looks different to them later. But if it going to be phased out in favor of Workspace then I'd rather get our users accustomed to navigating the application.  If Portal Manager is going to stay for the long term then we would rather stick with that.


      Thank you for any advice.