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    BSOD: Device Control  - LDSecDrv.sys


      Using Landesk 2016.3 I am unable to install endpoint security with Device Control enabled on any machine in my building. Very consistently as soon as I log on to any machine and endpoint security is started the machine will Blue Screen saying LDSecDrv.sys is the problem. I've attempted several solutions with no luck. This is affecting Windows 7 and Windows 10 machines. It is very easy to reproduce on every machine I've tried. My only work around is to rebuild all of the agent configurations with Device Control disabled. Is there any work around for this, or is this a permanent bug until the next service update?


      Things I've tried (None Successful):

           -Setting "Storage Volumes" option to "Full Access"

           -Not using the mirror driver (completely uninstalled Landesk and reinstalled without)

           -Fully updating any installed drivers. (Including Nvidia)

           -Disabling Nvidia driver

           -Merged drive partitions (In case Landesk thought the second partition was a removable drive)

           -Disabled some other startup drivers

           -Tried switching from AHCI to Native IDE in BIOS (System wouldn't boot then)


      Any ideas/solutions are greatly appreciated!

      I'll be happy to provide any information you need to help me out!

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          You'll need to go through support for this one. That'll require work from dev, most likely.


          Depending on what kind of problem / hardware it is, support may ask you to send an affected machine in (so that dev can debug locally) ... however, generating a full on memory dump would be a good starting point. It's POSSIBLE that our devs may get enough information to see what's going on from that.


          I'd suggest starting from there & see where things go.


          BSOD's are not usually something that the community will be able to help with, since they rarely tend to go into the "how do I best do X" type of things, but rather "X borks my stuff - can dev please fix it" .


          Hope that helps.

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            ecoidan Specialist

            I have a case open on this already but I am on 2016, not 2016.3.  Support found that if you do not block the CD/DVD then it doesn't blue screen.  Case 897116.  I was going to update to 2016.3 and was hoping the issues would go away.

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              phoffmann SupportEmployee

              Ohhkay ... interesting. Not something I would initially have expected to cause a BSOD - but live and learn.


              If you have a test / lab core, fancy snapshotting that and then upgrading it to 2016.3 ... see if that helps you any? I suspect support would like to have that done anyway - just to see if the latest updates (not sure whether you mean to be on 2016 "vanilla" or any of the later SU's) and fixes addressed the issue.


              That way at least that can be either closed off as such (i.e. - if 2016.3 fixes it) or continued being duplicated / worked on and what not?


              Does that make sense?

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                Yeah I believe the issues were also present in the 2016 Service Update 5 version as well. I cannot confirm because I didn't push out an agent update to all the computers here while I had that update on the core, and most of the ones I did did not need the device control. Interesting though, removing just the cd portion would be better than no device control for now (Primarily USB is the concern for us). I will give that a shot and see if it also produces the same results. Just for reference we do currently only have it set to "Read only access" for CD/DVD/Blu-ray.

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                  I just confirmed this solution does work for me! Only tested on one computer so far, but that does seem like the workaround for now!

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                    ecoidan Specialist

                    Support gave me SU1 for 2016.3 and the BSOD issue is gone with blocking DVD's.

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