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    Mac OS provisioning issues with LD agent and Office deployment

    mmartinvegue Apprentice

      I have encountered some issues while Provisioning a Mac Book with Mac OS El Capitan. I am running LDMS 2015 with SU5

      I have enabled verbose logging information with sudo nvram ldosdterm=1 and I am running the provisioning process through terminal.



      Here are my provisioning tasks.


      1) Netboot action while logged into El Capitan doesn't seem to work because it immediately goes to next step without rebooting. If I hold "N" after a reboot then netbooting does work.

      2) Once in Terminal, create partition and both deploying images work fine.

      The second error: "Configure Agent" fails with error in terminal "Not enough room in cache" and the error in LDMS console provisioning history is "ldpagentconfig: error lookup failed: 1"

      3) I don't think the reboot/shutdown (after Configure agent) works because immediately the Device Name Prompter displays while still in terminal. While typing in the name prompting it automatically reboots.

      After reboot, I login to El Capitan and the provisioning process does not pick back up ( does not run "Deploy Office for Mac 2016").


      I think the main issue here is rebooting either from within Mac OS or within Netboot image does not work. Has anyone else had trouble with rebooting?