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    Purge Files on Prefered Servers


      We did setup the content replication from our Core Server to our Preferred Servers (Targets). The replication is set to Mirroring enabled.


      At the moment I am cleaning up some Packages, including the Source files on the Core Server.

      Now I found, if I do delete the files on the Core, non of the replicated files on the Preferred Server are purged.
      If I do create new files on the Core within the same folder, these are replicated to the Preferred Servers. If I do add an additional file on the Preferred Server, which does not exist on the Core, this is going to be purged from the Preferred Server.


      Is there something I done wrong, I haven't understood right or is the purge of files on the Preferred Server not working for me? Or do I have to do the purge on the Preferred Servers manually?


      We are using LANDESK Management Suite 2016, Version