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    Avalanche Premise 6.1 SP3 for Windows Released Notes?

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      Avalanche Premise 6.1 SP3 for Windows Released Notes?

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          Matt Dermody SSMMVPGroup

          Avalanche 6.1 SP3( Release Notes

          1. Avalanche & Android - Support configurable file enrollment
          2. Avalanche & Android - Support custom properties
          3. Avalanche & Android - Support Bluetooth properties
          4. Avalanche & Android - Support Android friendly name
          5. Avalanche & Android - Configurable file location in file payload
          6. Avalanche & Android - Support Blackout
          7. Avalanche & Android - Reboot, Invoke application, ReSync
          8. Avalanche - Add support for LDAPS authentication
          9. Avalanche & Android - Support Datalogic DL-Axist
          10. Avalanche & Android - Deprecate app wrapping
          11. Avalanche & Android - enhance delete device process to make device can be deleted anyway
          12. Avalanche & Android - sync again on successful sync

          Known Issue:
          Defect# 369531, 404 error occurs when saving a software payload or OS-Update payload and a deployment job is running at the same time.
          Defect# 370361, Can't remove app when unapplying profile if software was installed by Google Play
          Defect# 370407, Mobile Device Inventory report has null string

          Defects Addressed:
          1. Defect# 280677, fixed issue with Avalanche 6.1 When attempting device details - HTTP Status 500 - /app/mobileDevice/summaryDevice.
          2. Defect# 280019, fixed issue with cert Manager not communicating with SCEP
          3. Defect# 305986, fixed issue with OS Update Failing on WT6000s
          4. Defect# 251901, fixed issue with Profiles\Packages are appearing in the Applied Profile on wrong devices.
          5. Defect# 307570, fixed issue with CSV Reports crash Tomcat
          6. Defect# 289036, fixed issue with Network profiles that are applied and enabled cannot be edited or disabled on version and newer
          7. Defect# 289500, fixed issue with Avalanche 61. German Installation - J?nner (German special characers ?,?,邦 are the problem) January Reports do not present correctly Status 404 - /AvalancheWeb/reports/Custom/test_Do_J%C3%A4nner_21_110116.pdf
          8. Defect# 306966, fixed issue with SDS - Missing licenses post upgrade caused massive license requests to SDS then hang it on when large quantity of devices check in
          9. Defect# 305291, fixed issue with CertManager: CertManager does not account for multiple CA levels
          10. Defect# 319848, fixed issue with Manifest URL Goes Missing From Software Payload
          11. Defect# 287019, fixed issue with Avalanche v6.1.xx will not allow WPA2 (AES) EAP-TLS to use same Certificate for all devices
          12. Defect# 330731, fixed issue with Android OS Updates - Some OS Updates do not work because the bootloader doesn't regonize the folder during the update.
          13. Defect# 324411, fixed issue with ENA: Sync status display appears to provide false positives.
          14. Defect# 330108, fixed issue with AVA6.1SPFedex: Issue with deleting devices from inventory
          15. Defect# 350909, fixed issue with GCM enabler crashing on 6.0.1 Android OS
          16. Defect# 119688, fixed issue with (PREMISE) Upgrading the Avalanche, does not save the Certificates in Tomcat
          17. Defect# 320300, fixed issue with device Properties not appearing until page is refreshed
          18. Defect# 331745, fixed issue with Avalanche Tomcat7 cookie only supports ASCII characters need UTF-8
          19. Defect# 307238, fixed issue with failed to uninstall an App if it's delivered by payload
          20. Defect# 322644, fixed issue with deadlock occurs when enroll multiple devices concurrently