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    Using Ghost Images in the Provisioning Template


      I am neew to LANDesk and really need help with this part.  I need to use the Ghost images in the provisioning template.  We are doing this as a transition step to a full provisioning. You will have to excuse my ignorance but, I need to know or get and example of the switches that need to be included in the provisioning template to be able to deploy the ghost image.  Currently the imaging fails due to lack of knowledge on this subject.  I have found many posts that show the complete list of switches. WHat I am hoping for is a working example (Minus any sensitive info) so that I might be able to get and understanding of the switches and the order they are placed in the commnad line.


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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          What's stopping you checking out the command-line switches for ghost and construct your own command-line from that?


          It'd probably help knowing which version of ghost you have. A quick google on this - "ghost32 command line switches" brings up a thread that helps a bit on that subject:



          In there this particularly interesting quote shows up


          Please refer to ghost implemntation guide for more details



          At the end of the day, all you're doing is throwing a command-line / batched job at ghost (from ghost's point of view) - so if you're having problem with that particular part, it'd seem to make more sense to trawl through the Symantec forums some (whatever problems it is you're having, I'd be surprised if someone else didn't already have it).


          Once you've got a working command-line, that's what you use for LANDesk ...


          ... instead of provisioning, you may want to consider using OSD - the side-benefit to that is that we generate a command-line (which may or may not fulfil your needs) as well as part of the restore script.


          That's about as best I can offer without knowing what exactly the problem is you're having - as the only part that really matters here is just getting a command-line that works, but those will differ based on your image and other things.


          Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead

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            That was perfect.  I was looking for a pointer to something that had a little more explanation.  What I needed was the order the switches are used and you handed that to me.


            Thank you,