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    Mobility Connectivity Settings

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      Can someone explain how the mobile connectivity settings work? How often devices sync and where I can change the settings to sync in shorter intervals? The basis of the question comes from a deployment task, where I want to deploy the Outlook application for an ios devices. The task that I created is currently sitting in pending/waiting for core to be initiated. This is the reference documentation I used on how to create and deploy the task: https://community.landesk.com/docs/DOC-39857.  I'm currently using Landesk 2016.

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          jhedelin Apprentice

          Try this from Core server:


          Configure - Device Discovery - Mobility - Advanced Settings

          There you have some parameters to change.


          I have recently starting to configure my iOS devices but i think the distributions of app and settings starts when the iPhone wakes up by the user.

          I have not changed anything of the parameters in "Advanced Settings"