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    LANDESK Kaspersky A/V: Database Corrupted

    jpozucek Apprentice

      I've been getting errors on the Kaspersky icon with says "Database Corrupted".  I've ran updates, uninstalled and reinstalled A/V, the Agent and even re-imaged the device.  It keeps coming back on this device (even renamed it to no avail).  It seems like there's a database record on the core or SQL DB somewhere that is corrupted.  Licensing does not seem to be the issue.  The "K" icon shows "Active Key". We've just started implementing LANDESK A/V and it's happened on two devices so far.  In both cases I have been unable to resolve this issue.


      We are on LANDESK 2016 SU5.  A/V Version


      Any suggestions would be welcome.