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    Installing v10 into the default website

    Landon Winburn ITSMMVPGroup

      Doing a fresh install of DesktopNow v10 can be a real pain when it comes to the new default website configurations as it uses and non-standard ports. Many people want to continue to use port 80 for the simplicity and ease of management but the new Server Configuration Portal (SCP) doesn't allow the use of port 80 on NEW installations without the use of host headers. This can be problematic as you can't use the same host header for both Management and Personalization. So what do you do if you want to use port 80 for the consoles and the clients?


      Mark Titley wrote a really nice powershell script with GUI that will prompt for the needed information and then create the Management Server and Personalization Server sites in the default website just like we have been used to up until now. This bypasses all the host header mess and additional IIS configurations needed to get everything to work on port 80. Its also a LOT quicker than clicking around in the slow SCP.



      1. Install the DesktopNow suite and when its complete exit out without running the SCP
      2. Run the attached powershell script as administrator
      3. Fill out the needed information in the GUI
      4. When the script is finished exit out of powershell and re-launch the script to create the second site. If you don't exit after creating the first it errors due to certain modules already being loaded.


      Thanks to Mark and his script this should save us a lot of time installing and configuring v10. Keep in mind this script is not supported so please test and use at your own risk.