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    Duplicated Devices during BareMetal-Provisioning leads to unmanageable LANDESK Devices

    ldms_4mfe Apprentice


      we are on LD2016_SU3 and we can reproduce this problem very clearly.


      After Importing BareMetal devices via CSVIMPORT-Tool we start an OSD-Task on them.

      After that Task I have the same device 5 times (1 device for every reboot) in the database.


      2016-11-14 16_57_34-mRemoteNG - confCons.xml.png

      Regarding the settings in the INVENTORY - SERVICES it should not be possible to have 2 Devices with the same MAC or NAME.


      So late at night the database Job deletes the duplicated devices.

      But the mtc. drops the wrong entries. So you have a missmatch in the Agent ID on the client to the Database.

      2016-11-16 14_24_12-mRemoteNG - confCons.xml.png


      So you loose:

      - Remote Control

      - Policy Tasks

      - Portal Manager

      - Vulscan

      - etc. etc.



      What you do not loose:
      - Inventory Updates


      If I figure out a Device with that issue I delete the device in LANDESK and force a /SYNC scan.


      My question:

      Do you see any option for us here, how we can figure out affected devices and clean up that mess that LANDESK is doing here?


      KR, Marco



      Okay maybe I found some of them via a Database-Query for the LAST VULSCAN:

      select Computer_Idn, DeviceName, VaLastScanDate, LastUpdInvSvr
      from dbo.computer
      where VaLastScanDate IS NULL


      or a LDQUERY:

      2016-11-16 15_12_58-mRemoteNG - confCons.xml.png

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