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    Preventing double installs


      I'm having some trouble with software installing twice on a computer.

      Our latest computers came preinstalled with our standard software (with ghost & without the landesk agent)

      but now, every time we install the LANDesk agent on a PC, LANDesk starts downloading all the software all

      over again. I thought LANDesk was smart enough to detect when a software was allready installed...

      (i'm talking MSI packages here)


      Was i wrong? Is there an easy way to prevent this from happening?



      thanks for your replies


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          A bit more info:

          i'm running LANDesk 8.8 SP2

          I'm distributing MSI packages using (required/once) policies to all XP computers using following query:

          "Computer"."OS"."Name" = "Microsoft Windows XP Professional"

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            phoffmann SupportEmployee

            It might help knowing what software this is? Is it something that requires a reboot?


            Paul Hoffmann

            LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead

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              it's happening to all my packages so i must be doing something wrong :-)

              examples of software: Office 2003, Flash player,  Visio Viewer, and some MSIs i made myself (i'm sure that these don't require a reboot)

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                When you create the package to distribute, have you told it to look for certain folders or files or reg keys? This is a good way to have logic built into the packages to "test" if it is already installed.

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                  ahe Expert

                  I think your query is not complete...


                  If you deploy a package with LANDesk the package-ID will be stored as installed in the local registry and in the database. But if you install the software with another method (from CD/DVD, Network, Web, etc.) no flag is set for LANDesk.


                  In your policy you ask for XP only and that's guilty for all clients... you've to add the applications in the query too.

                  For example for SAP:


                  "Computer"."Software"."Package"."Name"Not Like "SAP Logon Pad*"




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                    Dicipulus: i thought this was automatic for MSI's (i've done this for my exe & bat packages but haven't checked if i have problems with those too)



                    Axel: Won't that create problems with the uninstall packages? After installation the computer is not part of the query results, won't that trigger the uninstall?

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                      ahe Expert

                      Ok, my "solution" was a quick hack, a example, so it could make trouble for deinstallation...

                      But I think it would not trigger the uninstallation, it would trigger the reinstallation after uninstallation... It depends how your deinstallation packages work...(do you have some?)


                      You can add a specific entry in registry or create a special file to identify your installed packages.So you can check before installation (with a query):

                      • the software package name AND

                      • the existence of your  special attribute (reg key or file)


                      LANDesk (Package Builder) write some informations about packages here:

                      HKLM\SOFWARE\INTEL\LANDesk\LDWM\Distribution\Installed Applications\. . .


                      How do the apps be installed in your image, are you use your LANDesk packages or do you use the original sources?

                      (we use our LANDesk packages, so we've set all our flags ... )





                      Changed by ahe: Ok, I haven't recognized, that you've LD 8.8, that's a bit different from 8.7 without the "easy" creation of uninstall packages....

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                        I predpared the image using LANDesk. i installed a pc like i usually do: install XP using RIS, Deploy advance agent with group policy, get the full agent installed, run security scan & software deployment portal to get all my stuff on. Then i uninstalled the agent, removed the PC from the domain and finished...


                        i'm getting confused now though. i thought the extra file and/or regisry check wasn't needed for MSI packages... and won't the query you suggest have the same uninstall problem as your quick hack?

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                          ahe Expert

                          Mmh, I think I must install a 8.8 test server again...


                          I remember, In 8.8 you've the possibility to create a distribution package with installation and uninstallation of a software package. In 8.7 (and before) you've to create two distribution packages. I admit that I haven't made me any thoughts about it, before... and I never create a MSI package, everytime I create a SWD, a executable or batch file distribution package.


                          Mostly I create a script (batch, AutoIT) to deploy MSI's with parameters, pack all (with AutoIT or/and 7zip) and create a SWD or executable DP. We embed our own versionizing for every package (because we didn't find some in LANDesk in the past... :-) ), so we can check it with different queries, dependencies, etc.


                          (we use some packages since 8.1 without changes and we haven't all the actual possibilities in DP in the past)



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                            i could do that but then why is the MSI option included in LANDesk? :-)

                            is there no easy ans dure way to install standard & non-standard software?

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                              zman Master

                              So if you have required policies or PSPs that you only want to install if it is already not installed, and you don't want to change the actual package, the the easiest way I've found to do that is - Prerequisite Queries.  This works very well as a safety measure - another admin kicks off the job again and changes to ALL, job gets screwed up and runs again, even if it runs again it will not install, etc...


                              Using the Prerequisites page
                              The prerequisites page allows you to specify prerequisites for package installation. You can do this through a query or through an additional file/program that runs on devices and returns an errorlevel code. A non-zero code prevents the package from installing.

                              Prerequisites run on devices in the target list. If a device on the target list fails a prerequisite, the package won't be installed on it. The failure details are in the distribution task's log.

                              Prerequisites are especially useful in organizations where one person creates packages and another person distributes them. The distributor might not be aware of package system requirements that the creator does know about. In cases like these, the package creator can create a query that includes package requirements like operating system or amount of memory.

                              For the additional file option, you can select a file that's in the package's additional files list. You can then specify a command line you want the file to run with.

                              Choose a query: Select an existing query that you want to use to filter targeted devices.
                              Run additional file: If you want to run a file on devices, check this option.
                              Choose an additional file: Enter the file you want devices to run. This file is run before any other package files.
                              Command line: If the file you specified needs a command line, enter it here.

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                                i'm still looking for answers to a couple of questions:

                                -Since there's no 'detection' option when creating an MSI package so the detection should be automatic, no?

                                -When will that detection kick in? before of after files are copied?



                                and no offence Zman but prerequisites look kind of sloppy to me, it just doesn't feel right to get all your clients in failed status...

                                and changing the package itself is an option, i don't have a problem with that. I just want to know how to fix it...

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                                  zman Master

                                  Beauty is in the eyes of the hooker, I mean beholder.....  Rather have ugly than supervision coming after me, that is ugly.


                                  Software distribution help

                                  Use this page to detect dependent packages or applications that weren't  installed through Management Suite. A match on one or more criteria prevents  dependent packages from installing. This page doesn't affect the primary  package. You can use these detection methods:

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                                    ok, you can shoot me now... i need to learn how to read before posting...

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