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    Event generated in ev_event table not creating incidents


      I trying to create the events using send event command line as : SendEvent "WatsapGold" "SystemDown1" "Server Down1" "Server is Down1" "WebServer11" "" "Status_BAD1"


      -The events have created in ev_event table each time when i send an event, and and my event manager configuration as :

      -And  my services Servicedesk.BackgroundEngine,Servicedesk event manager services are up and running without any error events in the events logs.

      -As i read from troubleshooting points in the community i have checked that, no records are getting created in tps_event_queue.

      -I have also checked any duplicated records in tps_application_setting there are no records with schedule1 or advance1(Was going through the article Re: Event Manager not processing the events table  didn't help much)

      - I am not able to add the behavior on my IncidentManagement.Incident object getting an error saying

      Any kind of suggestions are much much appreciated.

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          Waldy Employee

          Hi there,

                         you seem to be confused between inbound and outbound events.  The ev_event table is used for inbound events, ie: create a new process when you send the event to the queue.  The tps_event_queue table is used for outbound events.  I assume that you are trying to add Event Generation behaviour to Incident?  You do not need to do that.  Is your process activated?  Are you getting true or false from the web service when you sent the event?  I would suggest that you add the Exception and Process ID attributes to the Events query so that you can see if there was an error when it tried to create the process.  Either the process ID will be set or there will be an exception.


          Have you configured the Event Definition for the Create Process action under your Event Source?

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            Thanks Waldy for you response.


            may be you are right,as i am new i just got this and it was helpfull.


            The incident just got created after i added the Define Event to the Added network source.