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    Issue when trying to create a new view

    grgbcb Apprentice

      When creating a new view, in the manual it states to right-click after opening the data source form in the View area.



      However, when I try this there is no Add in the menu..any suggestions?


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          GreggSmith SupportEmployee



          The documentation should probably be updated to point out this potential discrepancy.


          There are two versions of the Data Model Editor license: Standard and Enterprise.


          The functionality for both versions is identical, EXCEPT the Standard license does NOT allow addition, deletion, or editing of Data Source and View level objects.


          So, if you do you see the options to Add or Delete a new Data Source or View, you most likely have the Standard edition.  If you are looking to map Xtraction against new databases and would like the functionality offered by the Enterprise edition, I would suggest you speak to your LANDESK representative about upgrading to the Enterprise license.


          Having said that, what kind of view are trying to add to your BMC Remedy adapter?




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            grgbcb Apprentice

            I am surprised to hear there are different licenses, and even more surprised to hear we only have Standard version as opposed to an Enterprise one. As I inherited this tool, I see we have many data sources in the Data Model Editor with our standard license. How many are allowed in our version? Is there a way to tell somewhere in the application or on the server which license type we have? I see nothing in the purchase agreement/contract that specifies this.