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    Support for XP and W10 Anniversary

    Mr Rookie


      How can we support devices from XP to W10 anniversary ?

      LD2016.0 : OK for XP and W10

      L2016.3 ; OK for W10 anniversary but not XP


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          aShen SupportEmployee

          Hi Mr,


          Do you want to ask if there is a version that supports both XP and Win 10 Anniversary? Landesk 2016.0 can support both XP and Win 10 Anniversary edition with SU5 installed. You can either download this SU from LANDesk Patch Manager-it is under the "Landesk updates" category, or open a case with support to have the direct download link. Let us know if you need anything else.


          Thank you


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            phoffmann SupportEmployee

            Yep - the above is pretty much "your option" if you're on 2016. The other alternative is to go with 9.6 (but that us likely to start getting end-of-life'd before too long I'd imagine).


            You should be migrating away from Windows XP - it's been "dead in the water" for over 3 years now. That said, we understand this can be a painful process -- I've got other customers who are on 2003 and/or Windows XP as well.


            However, the OS'es are "quite, quite dead" from a Microsoft point of view, and have been for years. It shouldn't be too surprising that we're going to be pulling support for them at some point? The message about up-lifting need has been a universal one (bearing in mind the hemorrhaging security issues that Windows XP has for one).


            But yes - hope that this clarifies / answers your question.

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              carlos Expert

              Technically speaking, can I use a windows agent on XP x86 SP3 (embedded, yes I know I'm pushing it) ?

              Just to push emergency Patches?