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    Active Directory Authentication for Console




      Does anyone have any documentation for Active Directory authentication for Console?



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          tzarosky Apprentice

          When you say Active Directory for console, do you mean Integrated Login or do you mean Explicit Login using LDAP credentials instead of the LANDesk logins?


          If you mean Integrated Login, You need to setup an integrated Framework in the configuration center. After which you edit the console.exe.config for console to point to this integrated framework. You then also need to change the login policy for the console to integrated. Change the line LoginPolicy from "ExplicitOnly" to "IntegratedOnly". This will then auto login for the console. Do not make this change for administrators, as you will not be able to login as an alternate elevated admin user.


          If you mean LDAP explicit login, check out the LDSDAdmin guide located here https://community.landesk.com/docs/DOC-39838. Page 32 labeled LDAP Server Authentication should get you going.


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