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    Issue with Packaging and deploying Webex Productivity Tools

    Tudo Rookie

      Was wondering if anybody else has experience with deploying


      Webex Productivity Tools v .2.40.9000.10050.


      If I install it via command prompt on the machine no issue.


      When I Push it through landesk with no flags or any combination, You can see Webex Productivity Tools listed in Programs and features, but the program is not located anywhere on the start menu or searchable. It is just not launchable even though it says it is installed.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.



      Running 2016.3




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          dwagner1 Apprentice

          Here is the command line we use with the .msi and it works:


          /i /passive /norestart ALLUSERS=2 SITEURL="yourcompany.webex.com" OI=1 OFFICE=1 IE=1 FIREFOX=1 RMENU=1  /log "c:\webexptools.log"


          Here is the link to the Mass Deployment Guide for WebEx Productivity Tools:

          http://eu.pgi.com/campaigns/2012/01/meeting-center_downloads/MASS%20Deployment%20Guide.pdf  (Page 3 for the switches)


          Hope that helps.


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            phoffmann SupportEmployee

            The above should hopefully sort you out.


            General note on software dist -- you need to research the relevant package's options around "automated deployment".


            There's a bunch of caveats / gotchas and so on for different packages. Some don't like to be installed without GUI (because - badly written installer) -- some *MUST* be installed by "a user" that isn't "LOCAL SYSTEM" (our usual default), which is why you can specify who you want to install a package as. And so on and so on - there's a lot of "package specific" shenanigans that you need to be aware of.


            Generally, vendors will have some sort of article / information about "what it takes" to delivery their software automatically. If they don't, you should be able to request it from them. If that doesn't work ... trial & error. But yeah, there's a LOT of nonsense with packages that you end up needing to watch out for / should document WITH the package, so that "next time" / "in a few years time" you remember/know why "package X" is such a weird oddball .