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    How to create a "Resolve" action from problem that will automatically resolve incidents

    neil_p1000 Apprentice

      Got a bit of a Problem (no pun intended)


      Our problem Manager wants any incidents that are attached to a Problem to be resolved when the problem is closed. I found an Article which described putting in a precondition on the Open Status of the incident process which checks if Problem is closed, if yes resolve child incidents, but I came across a number of issues with this.


      • Cannot add this as their is already a resolve on creation precondition which has a resolve Auto Action (so we get an error on the process cannot save process as there are multiple AutoResolve Actions on the Open Status)
      • If I remove the resolve on creation and replace with the Problem Closed Pre-Condition any new Incidents created are automatically Resolved


      Any Guidance\Advice would be appreciated