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    Hyperlinked Images in Outbound Email Reminders

    Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup



      I want to add an image to an outbound reminder so that the user can click the image in the received email to launch a "mailto" response.


      My outbound reminder body attribute is set to sub-data type HTML and the reminder window shows the HTML toolbar etc etc.  Outbound mail has HTML enabled etc.


      I can add a link in the body text via the LINK icon in the toolbar and everything works fine.


      If I paste in an image though there is now way to attach a hyperlink to it from the toolbar.


      If created the necessary <a href=...><img ...></a>   HTML fragment so I could add an image and link that way and tested that works it OK outside of ServiceDesk in a normal HTML page.


      I then tried to add that to the HTML reminder body underneath the current formatted (html) text.


      However in the outbound email it shows as the raw HTML.  I tried to wrap <pre></pre> around it but in made no difference. If I look at the attribute in backend SQL I can see it has replaced my <>" tags with &lt; &gt; &quote; etc which explains why it shows up as plain text


      I've seen this work fine before when the body attribute is not of subdata type HTML so wondering if this is the reason.   I don't want to turn HTML subdata type off though. I'm wondering if applying the HTML via a calculated placeholder might work but hey I just want a click-able image at the bottom on an existing HTML reminder so it surely shouldn't be this difficult?


      Can anyone advise how I can get this to work.  I hope someone can advise promptly as I ned to get this sorted pretty quickly..






      I'm using 2016.3 BTW.