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    Application Blocking


      We have LDMS 9.6 with patch management and the security suite.  When I installed it, I did not install the application blocking feature because when we installed LDMS the first time around we had a lot of problems with application blocking, so we did not install it when we went back and redid everything.  So now we want to add the feature.

      Do we need to rerun setup, or is there an easier or better way to add the feature?  If we re-run setup, it won't undo anything we already have installed, correct? 


      Many thanks,

      Sam S.

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          masterpetz ITSMMVPGroup

          Hi Sam,


          application blocking is part iof the LANDESK Security Suite and you need a license for this. If you have this license, application blocking can be configured as part of the endpoint security. To enable this on agents which are already deployed, you have to create a new task under the security section called "Install/update security component" and choose endpoint security. Be sure you configured the seperate sections of endpoint security for your needs before you deploy it.


          Hope that helps.




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