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    Im trying to manage Systems in Domain from LDcore in a workgroup


      The systems Im trying to manage are in a tightly locked down Domain with Firewalls blocking most ports

      LD is in Workgroup with Direct Tunnel to Clients firewall.

      They are wanting to use CSA for managing clients.

      All Discovery was failing or the few it found were not much more than an IP.


      Port 80 was just opened up Friday late afternoon , as they had closed it by mistake.

      port 443 is supposed to be open into a CSA and LDcore

      as is ports: 

      9595  <->

      9594 <->



      UDP 3335 <-

      TCP 139/443 <->


      443 ->


      389 <-

      Port 80 is open to CSA and LDcore.

      last error to push pre-agent was error 1208

      They dont want any remote control or it seems computer management other than packages and reading from systems.

      Installed a agent manually on a test system and did get data back as in softeware ,hardware alled info.

      But not getting the agents installed is the issue as once installed it seems to produce the informatation they need.


      Alternate credentials are a domain service account user ID