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    Query for software that IS NOT installed

    systemssupport Apprentice

      Within our business we use a piece of software that allows users to stop a call from recording when they are taking credit card details from clients. This is part of PCI compliance and needs to be adhered to.


      I have therefore been asked to create a query via Landesk that will show if this software IS NOT installed on PC's that are within a certain Computer Location (AD).


      On attempting to create this query I am not a little lost as am not getting what I expected.


      As you can see from the image, I have gone with Sofware, Add Remove Programs, Program, Name, Not Exists and selecting the software "Autonomy ICE Client"

      But when inserting this it does pull the "Autonomy ICE Client" into the query, just shows Not Exists and nothing following it.


      Any ideas on why this is?