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    Inventory scanner (LDISCN32.EXE) crashing


      We just upgraded our core from 8.7 SP5 to 8.8 SP2.  I'm going through the process of updating all the agents to the new version but I've run into a snag.  On a certain model of laptop (HP 6735b) the inventory scanner crashes on the hardware scanning portion and causes a Dr Watson intervention.  This doesn't happen on any of our other computers but this is the only one with an AMD SATA controller.  The reason I think it has to do with the SATA controller is because if I add the "/NOATA" switch to LDISCN32.EXE then it doesn't crash.  We didn't have this problem with the 8.7 SP5 agent.


      I looked at the dump file and according to the stack trace it looks like it is crashing after the command "LDISCN32!ApplyPatch".  I'm pretty familiar with debugging these type of things but I'm not a developer so I could be wrong.  I could post the analysis or send someone the heap dump file if they want to look at it.


      Anyway my question is has anyone else seen this problem?  Or does anyone know how to add the "/NOATA" switch to the inventory scanner for these computers?  We just have it scheduled in the agent to run every 24 hours.  So we don't have a script telling it to run and we are not running it at startup.  Or maybe some more information on what exactly the "/NOATA" switch does so I can narrow down whether it is the controller or not.


      Thanks in advance!

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